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Toyota NZ CEO Alistair Davis on changing dealers to agencies

6 Apr 2018 | Graeme Roberts

The new vehicle distribution model is changing for Toyota and its dealer network. Toyota New Zealand will sell new vehicles to customers under an agency structure, with dealers being an agent for the Kiwi importer and distributor. This company blog interviewed CEO Alistair Davis about the changes, what the drive has been behind this shift for the brand in New Zealand, and what the changes mean for its customers.

COMMENT: How to make a small fortune building budget cars

13 Feb 2008 | editorial team

How do you make a small fortune building budget cars? Start with a large fortune. That’s a lesson that Indian company Tata may learn the hard way.

COMMENT: The real China and its illusory Western opportunity

20 Nov 2007 | editorial team

Globalisation means different things to different people. For optimists, it means a friendly worldwide sharing of goods, services, ideas and cultures. To America, it means the globalisation of American culture. To the multinational corporations, it means a chance to make a quick buck in new markets.

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NZ sees second best February sales on record

6 Mar 2019 | Graeme Roberts

February 2019 new vehicle sales in New Zealand were up 1.5% year on year to 11,699 units registered, the second strongest February on record, according to the Motor Industry Association (MIA).

NZ sales start 2019 "soft"

5 Feb 2019 | Graeme Roberts

New vehicle sales in New Zealand started 2019 soft compared to a year ago, the Motor Industry Association said.

NZ sales set fifth consecutive record

10 Jan 2019 | Graeme Roberts

Despite "a softening market with ups and down during the year", 2018 was the fifth consecutive year of record new vehicle registrations in New Zealand, the Motor Industry Association (MIA) said.

November NZ sales "steady as she goes"

4 Dec 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Registration of 14,359 new vehicles in November were down 1.6% year on year but reflected a "steady as she goes market" in New Zealand, according to the Motor Industry Association.

Rentals give Toyota New Zealand sales an October boost

6 Nov 2018 | Graeme Roberts

October 2018 registrations of 16,670 vehicles set a new monthly sales record in New Zealand after last June's 15,985.

Petrol prices and tax hit NZ September sales

2 Oct 2018 | Graeme Roberts

September 2018 new vehicle registrations of 13,910 vehicles were down 4% year on year though, year to date, the market remained up 1% to 119,412, according to New Zealand's Motor Industry Association.

Petrol prices nudge Kiwis into smaller new cars

6 Sep 2018 | Graeme Roberts

"With the continued high price of petrol, we are starting to see a small but discernible shift towards smaller vehicles," New Zealand's Motor Industry Association (MIA) said as it announced August 2018 sales data.

NZ sales "held steady" in July

2 Aug 2018 | Graeme Roberts

New Zealand's Motor Industry Association (MIA) said July new vehicle sales were the second best result for the month on record.

New Zealand sales surge sputters

4 Jul 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Months of year on year sales rises in New Zealand appear to have ended after the Motor Industry Association reported June sales down 8.2% to 15,172 vehicles though the result was nonetheless the second strongest for the month.

Promotions boost New Zealand May sales

6 Jun 2018 | Graeme Roberts

New vehicle registrations in New Zealand in May 2018 rose 7.9% year on year to 14,169 units.

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