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Mazda future models

4 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Mazda celebrates its 100th birthday this year. While it won't be breaking any sales or profits records in 2020, the firm is nonetheless in fairly good shape. Just as importantly, there is no one market upon which the company is reliant. As for future models, Mazda is well placed and looks set to continue a step-by-step move into premium brand territory.

Mitsubishi’s new three-year plan will bring it closer to Nissan

3 Aug 2020 | just-auto.com editorial team

Mitsubishi Motors last week announced a new far-reaching three-year business plan, referred to as 'Small but Beautiful', which reflects the harsh market conditions and challenges that have come about as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Honda e - finally an electric car to lust after

3 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Retro-cute looks and snazzy interiors are not normally what we associate with Hondas sold in the European region. In that context the new e is revolutionary stuff.

Mazda finds the SUV sweet spot with CX-30

17 Jul 2020 | Glenn Brooks

How does Mazda do it? In a world of so many lookalike crossovers, SUVs and cars, the brand's models maintain a consistent, premium appearance. What's more, each is somehow distinctive while the interiors use imaginative shapes and well crafted materials to give a near-BMW feel. The CX-30 is the latest example of these things.

Nissan’s latest production cuts unsurprising

22 Jun 2020 | Dave Leggett

Nissan said last week that it is to make further production cuts in Japan due to COVID-19 impacts on global vehicle demand.

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MMC chairman calls time for health reasons

7 Aug 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) said Osamu Masuko resigned today as chairman of the board and representative executive officer due to health reasons.

Toyota beats analysts with small Q1 profit

6 Aug 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Toyota Motor reportedly has booked its smallest quarterly profit in nine years as the coronavirus pandemic halved its car sales and nearly wiped out its bottom line.

Honda Motor books fiscal Q1 loss

5 Aug 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Honda Motor has booked an operating loss for the first fiscal quarter ended 30 June, 2020.

Denso Q1 consolidated revenue down 42% to US$7.1bn

31 Jul 2020 | Simon Warburton

Denso has reported first-quarter consolidated revenue down 42% to US$7.1bn.

Mazda H1 sales drop 25%, Honda output down 34%

31 Jul 2020 | just-auto.com editorial team

Mazda Motor global sales declined by just over 25% year on year to 557,264 units in the first half of 2020, after an 11% drop in June to 108,343 units, the company reported.

BluE Nexus and Toyota to strengthen sales structure

31 Jul 2020 | Graeme Roberts

BluE Nexus and Toyota Motor said they would collaborate to prepare for the accelerated adoption of electrified vehicles by working together to increase their competitiveness in products related to electrification as well as to fortify their sales structure, including their technical support and services, among others, rendered to their customers.

Toyota biggest automaker in first half

30 Jul 2020 | just-auto.com editorial team

Toyota Motor and its subsidiaries reported a 21.6% drop in global sales to 4,164,487 vehicles in the first half of 2020, according to data released by the Japanese automaker.

Nissan warns of record operating loss this fiscal year

28 Jul 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Nissan Motor reportedly has warned of a record US$4.5bn operating loss this year and its lowest sales in a decade as the COVID-19 pandemic hampered its turnaround efforts.

Mitsubishi spending big to manufacture new electric kei cars with Nissan

28 Jul 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) said it would invest JPY8bn to produce new electric kei cars at its Mizushima plant in Kurashiki city, Okayama Prefecture from August 2020.

Mitsubishi Motors announces new business plan

27 Jul 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has announced a three year, mid term business plan (from fiscal 2020 to 2022), 'Small but Beautiful', to concentrate its management resources on its core regions and technologies. It is ending new model launches in Europe but will continue to offer parts and service.

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