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G20 and G21 BMW 3 Series diesels go mild hybrid

7 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Eighteen months in since production of the latest 3 Series commenced, BMW continues to tweak its best selling car via additional engines and updates for the operating system. With the addition of the G21 estate to the G20 and China's G28 extended wheelbase Li sedans, the range of body styles is also now complete.

Daimler taking the right actions on cost

23 Jul 2020 | Dave Leggett

Daimler has reported a widening Q2 loss amid sharply slower sales caused by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

BMW AG future models - Rolls-Royce

22 Jul 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Until COVID-19 hit, Rolls-Royce was starting to perform at a level which BMW AG had demanded of it. Thanks to the addition of the Cullinan, sales exceeded 5,000 vehicles in 2019 compared to the previous record of 4,107 in 2018. With the Chinese economy back in expansionary mode, 2020 might not even be that bad a year for the luxury car maker.

BMW AG future models - BMW i EVs

20 Jul 2020 | Glenn Brooks

BMW launched the i3 in 2013 but apart from the i8, not a lot subsequently happened for the i sub-brand. Now, with the just-announced iX3, i is being recharged, with quite a few other electric cars, crossovers and SUVs on the way.

BMW AG future models - BMW M division

15 Jul 2020 | Glenn Brooks

As with AMG for Daimler, M must be one of BMW Group's best money makers. While they sometimes chase the same customers, M tends to be more hard core, more exclusive: there are no equivalents for Mercedes-AMG's S-Class and GLS-Class, nor is there any electrification. That will change as emissions regulations challenge M's high-CO2 engines.

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ZF first-half sales down 27% to EUR13.5bn

7 Aug 2020 | Simon Warburton

ZF has recorded first-half sales down 27% to EUR13.5bn (US$16bn) as the supplier reacts to conditions created by the global pandemic.

Daimler starts second phase of EV heavy truck tests

6 Aug 2020 | Graeme Roberts

After a year of intensive practical use by 10 customers in Germany and Switzerland, Daimler is trialling eight more purely battery-powered eActros trucks with new customers in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

EUR666m BMW's first quarterly operating loss since 2009

5 Aug 2020 | Graeme Roberts

The BMW Group has booked its first quarterly operating loss since 2009.

Continental posts Q2 net income loss of EUR741m

5 Aug 2020 | Simon Warburton

Continental has reported a second-quarter net income loss of EUR741m (US$879m), compared to plus EUR485m the previous year.

Schaeffler records H1 revenue down to EUR5.57bn

5 Aug 2020 | Simon Warburton

Schaeffler has posted first-half revenue down to EUR5.57bn (US$6.55bn,) from EUR7.23bn the previous year.

Daimler, CATL, advance partnership

5 Aug 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Mercedes-Benz and CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited) have entered the next stage of their strategic partnership and will develop battery technology in support of the high-volume electrification of the Mercedes-Benz model range.

New head of production named at Daimler Buses

3 Aug 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Michael Klein (56) has been named the new head of production Daimler Buses and managing director production of EvoBus.

Porsche H1 sales and profit down

31 Jul 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Porsche achieved a first half return on sales of 9.9%.

CATL to supply heavy truck e-trailer batteries

31 Jul 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) and Trailer Dynamics have signed a battery supply agreement for a new way to electrify long haul trucks.

Schaeffler appoints Klaus Patzak as CFO

31 Jul 2020 | Simon Warburton

Schaeffler has appointed Klaus Patzak as a member of the board of managing directors and CFO, effective 1 August, 2020.

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