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Skoda Octavia Scout - Europe's Outback conquerer

26 Nov 2018 | Glenn Brooks

Subaru, mighty in the US, has only a small following in Europe, so the rarity of the Outback crossover means an opportunity for others. The number one beneficiary is Skoda, the Octavia Scout dominating its segment.

ANALYSIS - Skoda drops diesel from updated Fabia

21 Nov 2018 | Glenn Brooks

A facelift and updated engines for the big-selling Fabia have arrived at just the right time for Skoda, helping the brand into ninth place in the European region, placing it ahead of Toyota for the year to the end of October.

ANALYSIS - Skoda goes after Qashqai with new Karoq

5 Apr 2018 | Glenn Brooks

Demand for crossovers and SUVs shows no sign of abating. Ever more brands are piling in to a class which in Europe is led by the assailed but still strong Nissan Qashqai. Now Škoda believes it can build up a strong following with the Karoq, a new name in a segment one size up from where the Yeti formerly found a lot of success.

ANALYSIS - Skoda future models

18 Dec 2017 | Glenn Brooks

Škoda has come a long way in a relatively short period. Sales keep rising, especially in China and Europe, and profits with them. This, more than any other, is the division which can seemingly do no wrong within the Volkswagen Group family of companies and brands.

Octavia vRS 245 - is Skoda now a premium brand?

30 Oct 2017 | Glenn Brooks

How do you make a 10 per cent return selling mass-market cars? One way is to create and then continue to dominate a segment. Plus it helps if every rival ignores that same segment.

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Skoda opens automated small parts warehouse

14 Nov 2018 | Dave Leggett

Skoda says it is pressing ahead with the implementation of technologies in line with Industry 4.0 principles and has opened an 'automatic small parts warehouse' at the main plant in Mlada Boleslav.

Eaton wins Czech government engine valve funding

13 Nov 2018 | Simon Warburton

Eaton European Innovation Centre (EEIC) is embarking on a joint R&D programme with the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Skoda YTD sales up to new record

2 Nov 2018 | Dave Leggett

From January through to the end of September, Skoda increased its worldwide deliveries to customers by 7.8% year-on-year to a new record of 939,100 vehicles.

Skoda January to September 2018 global sales up 7.8%

12 Oct 2018 | Dave Leggett

Skoda delivered 939,100 vehicles to customers worldwide in the first nine months of the year, exceeding the previous year’s result by 7.8%.

Magna opens new Czech seating facility

11 Oct 2018 | Dave Leggett

Magna has officially opened its new seating facility in Chomutov, Czech Republic, to support new BMW Group business.

Varroc Lighting opens new Czech facility

3 Oct 2018 | Dave Leggett

Varroc Lighting Systems has announced a significant increase of its production capabilities in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic with the opening of a 7,000-square meter production hall.

Skoda signs agreement for 'urban mobility services'

26 Sep 2018 | Dave Leggett

VW Group-owned Skoda, the city of Prague and the Faculty of Transportation Sciences at the Czech Technical University in Prague, say they will implement initiatives for sustainable urban mobility.

Skoda opens new innovation hub in Czech Republic

12 Sep 2018 | Dave Leggett

With the motto ‘Ready for the Future’, Skoda has inaugurated its new InnoCube innovation area, which is located in a former abbey building near Malda Boleslav.

Already? Skoda makes 1m SUVs in nine years

22 Aug 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Skoda has made a million sports utility vehicles nominating the milestone vehicle as a green Karoq.

Skoda global sales up 14.6% in July

15 Aug 2018 | Dave Leggett

Skoda made a strong start to the second half of the year, delivering 99,700 vehicles to customers worldwide in July, and exceeding last year’s car deliveries by 14.6% (July 2017: 87,000 vehicles).

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