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Volkswagen Brazil's virtuous new compact saloon

2 Feb 2018 | Fernando Calmon

New vehicles are becoming ever more sophisticated and stylish in Brazil.

How long will global automakers prop up loss-making Brazil subsidiaries?

27 Feb 2017 | Fernando Calmon

There was once euphoria in the Brazilian automotive market. Following the 2008/2009 financial crisis, the Lehman Brothers bank bankruptcy and the chain reaction that spread worldwide, auto companies settled here coincidentally commenced to profit enormously. And the order of the day became rescuing indebted parent companies, especially General Motors (at the time in Chapter 11 proceedings), Ford and Fiat.

JLR’s internationalisation strategy continues – Analysis

14 Jun 2016 | Ian Henry

As Tata-owned Jaguar Land Rover’s factory in Brazil officially opens, Ian Henry takes a closer look at the company’s latest manufacturing set-up and its evolving international manufacturing strategy.

ANALYSIS - Depressed Brazilian market will disrupt technological advances

11 Apr 2016 | Fernando Calmon

The time seems to have come: no one is sure about how long the Brazilian economy will keep getting worse before recovery starts.

ANALYSIS - Brazil recovery likely to be sluggish

8 Mar 2016 | Fernando Calmon

The perennial rivalry between the optimistic and the pessimistic about what the Brazilian market will be like this year has hit a peak in the last few weeks.

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First two months' production and sales point to a strong 2018 in Brazil

12 Mar 2018 | Fernando Calmon

Brazil's auto industry recovery appears on track after the first two months of 2018: production and registrations of new motor vehicles achieved double digit growth in the period.

Fiat Brazil's Cronos saloon faces tough competition

28 Feb 2018 | Fernando Calmon

The debut of the Cronos, the saloon variant of Fiat Brazil's Argo hatchback, illustrates the sophistication level of products now offered here.

GM Mercosur expanding Sao Caetano do Sul factory

26 Feb 2018 | Fernando Calmon

General Motors Mercosur has begun expanding its Sao Caetano do Sul Industrial Complex in the Greater Sao Paulo area at a cost of BRL1.2bn/US$370m.

Toyota marks 60 years in Brazil with new Yaris

16 Feb 2018 | Fernando Calmon

It's a little known fact that Brazil was the first country outside Japan to build Toyotas.

Ford brings another pseudo SUV to Brazil

9 Feb 2018 | Fernando Calmon

Unveiled in Brazil simultaneously with India, the Ka FreeStyle is a Ford "world project developed with the participation of several countries in order to be sold in different markets", according to the press release.

Mercedes Brazil ships 115 Atego garbage trucks to Chile

30 Jan 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Mercedes-Benz do Brasil has shipped 115 Atego garbage trucks to Chile.

Brazil's JAC importer leases former Suzuki assembly plant

29 Jan 2018 | Fernando Calmon

JAC Motors Brasil and SHC Group president Sergio Habib have agreed a deal with Goias state governor Marconi Perillo to set up an assembly plant in a factory once used to build Suzuki models.

New year bodes well for Brazil car market

19 Jan 2018 | Fernando Calmon

The Brazilian market finally leveled off and started recovery in 2017. A better year had been forecast in December 2016 after a consecutive four year slump in sales finally bottomed out with sales down almost 50% compared with the record year 2012 in which 3.8m cars and commercial vehicles were sold (both light and heavy). Brazil dropped from fourth to eighth largest world market.

VW to bet on Brazil and South America

1 Dec 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Volkswagen's top executive, Herbert Diess, chooses his words carefully but does not refuse to answer on any subject.

VW Brazil Virtus replaces Polo sedan

17 Nov 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Volkswagen has launched a new compact sedan called Virtus in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new model, developed especially for South America, replaces the Polo sedan, is based on the MQB modular platform and is claimed to be among the most spacious cars in its segment.

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