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Volkswagen Brazil's virtuous new compact saloon

2 Feb 2018 | Fernando Calmon

New vehicles are becoming ever more sophisticated and stylish in Brazil.

How long will global automakers prop up loss-making Brazil subsidiaries?

27 Feb 2017 | Fernando Calmon

There was once euphoria in the Brazilian automotive market. Following the 2008/2009 financial crisis, the Lehman Brothers bank bankruptcy and the chain reaction that spread worldwide, auto companies settled here coincidentally commenced to profit enormously. And the order of the day became rescuing indebted parent companies, especially General Motors (at the time in Chapter 11 proceedings), Ford and Fiat.

JLR’s internationalisation strategy continues – Analysis

14 Jun 2016 | Ian Henry

As Tata-owned Jaguar Land Rover’s factory in Brazil officially opens, Ian Henry takes a closer look at the company’s latest manufacturing set-up and its evolving international manufacturing strategy.

ANALYSIS - Depressed Brazilian market will disrupt technological advances

11 Apr 2016 | Fernando Calmon

The time seems to have come: no one is sure about how long the Brazilian economy will keep getting worse before recovery starts.

ANALYSIS - Brazil recovery likely to be sluggish

8 Mar 2016 | Fernando Calmon

The perennial rivalry between the optimistic and the pessimistic about what the Brazilian market will be like this year has hit a peak in the last few weeks.

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Mercedes Brazil hiring 600 temps for commercial vehicles

4 Dec 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Mercedes Benz Brazil operation will add about 600 contractors in 2019 on year-long contracts to work on commercial vehicles, adding to a workforce of 10,000, the company said.

Novelis to expand Brazil aluminium rolling and recycling plant

14 Nov 2018 | Simon Warburton

"It's very important for the state of Sao Paulo to contribute to this high value-added project. Sao Paulo needs initiatives like this that promote the economic, social and environmental development of the state. Investe's role is to help companies to install or develop their businesses and in doing so, improve economic potential, generate jobs, income and increase the production supply chain and logistics involved," said Sergio Costa, the agency's director

Brazilian Volkswagen T-Cross slightly larger than European version

5 Nov 2018 | Fernando Calmon

The production version of Volkswagen's compact T-Cross SUV was unveiled simultaneously in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Shanghai (China) and Sao Paulo (Brazil) recently. It is the first SUV VW has made in Brazil - at its Sao Jose dos Pinhais manufacturing plant in the southern state of Parana.

Toyota Brazil confirms investment for new Corolla

5 Nov 2018 | Fernando Calmon

Toyota Brazil has confirmed a BRL1bn/US$280m investment for its Indaiatuba, Sao Paulo state, manufacturing plant, 95km/57miles northwest of the state capital Sao Paulo City.

VW to show 'pioneering' pickup concept at Sao Paulo show

2 Nov 2018 | Dave Leggett

Volkswagen is to show a 'near-production concept' pickup at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show on 6 November.

Brazilian VW Jetta likely to be the "best among the rest"

15 Oct 2018 | Fernando Calmon

The market for compact-medium sized passenger vehicles in Brazil is defined by strong competition amongst the SUV contenders as well as conventional cars, has lost a little momentum but still attracts loyal and perhaps less mainstream buyers.

VW furloughs Brazil Taubate workers as Argentina sales slump

9 Oct 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Volkswagen's Brazilian unit is putting workers on a 20-day furlough, citing reduced demand from Argentina, which is undergoing an economic crisis that has derailed growth and slashed spending power.

Brazil Ka Freestyle gets new 1.5 I3 Flex engine

28 Sep 2018 | Fernando Calmon

The Ka FreeStyle (Ka+ Active in Europe), developed first in Brazil has enough tweaks to suggest the owner has an adventurous lifestyle but is relatively discreet compared to the avalanche of pseudo-suvs on the Brazilian market and now spilling over into Europe (Ford has also launched Fiesta and Focus Active models).

Brazil August sales tally comes as a surprise

14 Sep 2018 | Fernando Calmon

Sales of new vehicles in Brazil in August reached 248,623 units, surprising industry watchers.

Citroen Brazil launches 'localised' C4 Cactus

7 Sep 2018 | Fernando Calmon

Because the SUV market keeps growing steadily here in Brazil, automakers have plenty of opportunities to launch new or improved models.

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