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QUBE is the automotive intelligence platform with detailed information, forecasts, news and future model data on original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) suppliers and component sectors.

Is QUBE right for you?

It is only natural to question whether a product is right for you before making a purchase. That is why we encourage all customers to give us a call. Our expert advisors will be happy to talk you through QUBE and how it can meet your requirements.

Who uses QUBE?

Generally, people whose job involves strategy, sales, marketing, new product development (NPD), competitive intelligence or engineering.

QUBE helps specialists in these functions understand the ever-changing world of automotive OEMs, their suppliers and the component sectors they operate within.

Some of the companies that use QUBE.

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Why use QUBE?

Save time, get all of the component and technology information you need quickly and in one place.

QUBE's user-friendly interface helps you to find the information you need instantly on 50+ OEMs, 170+ tier one suppliers and 30+ component sectors.

  • One marketing team spent 6 months collating competitor market shares before they used QUBE. Now they get the data in a couple of clicks.
  • Merger and acquisition (M&A) teams use QUBE's component production forecasts and company analysis to identify safe and lucrative opportunities.
  • Business development teams use QUBE's regional technology forecasts to calculate market potential for their product range, up to 15 years ahead.

QUBE is used for different reasons by each member. So if you tell us what you need, together we can work out whether or not QUBE can help you.

Meet our team

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Director of sales

Shivani Hayer
Business Development Manager

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Business Development Manager

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