PLDB - the future vehicle database

Product Lifecycle Database (PLDB) is the leading light vehicle production database allowing you to see lifecycle data and related information for past, current and new vehicle developments up to 15 years ahead.

Is PLDB right for you?

It is only natural to question whether a product is right for you before making a purchase. That is why we encourage all customers to give us a call. Our expert advisors will be happy to talk you through PLDB and how it can meet your requirements.

Who uses PLDB?

Generally, people who need to track what competitor original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are working on, or who supply a product or service into OEMs and need reliable information to help them open doors.

PLDB helps specialists in these functions understand product plans, platform sharing and the future of automotive industry alliances.

Some of the companies that use PLDB.

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Why use PLDB?

Get past, current and future model production information in one place, including manufacturing sites and production volumes.

PLDB's visual timeline provides an overview of the pipeline of current and future models, segmented by manufacturer group, make, model, platform and segment.

  • PLDB contains average annual production volume estimates for all manufacturing plants located in Europe, North America and Japan.
  • Over 3,000 global light vehicles are covered, looking up to 15 years ahead.
  • PLDB also contains model names and codes, with quick links to model details.

PLDB is used for different reasons by each person. So if you tell us what you need, together we can work out whether or not PLDB can help you.

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