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QUBE provides powerful intelligence on the electric vehicle sector. News, data and insight, including five-year forecasts, help you to understand and capitalise on the current and future electric vehicle landscape.

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QUBE's broad spectrum of up-to-date news, information and analysis helps you to gain an in-depth understanding of the electric vehicle sector, together with the opportunities and challenges it presents.

Our expert insight and analysis provides a full overview of the developments within the sector, and the drivers behind those developments, while our reliable forecasts look at the most significant markets for the next five years.

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The latest electric vehicle sector news and developments

From the rapidly growing infrastructure to the quick-changing product landscape, QUBE enables you to stay up-to-date with all the product developments in the electric vehicle sector. We evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and market outlooks for each type of electric vehicle.

Across the categories of electric vehicles, full hybrids and mild hybrids, we provide detailed information on the manufacturers involved and the models they produce. For electric vehicles and full hybrids, we group manufacturers and models according to their commitment to the category.

Understand electric vehicle technologies and terminologies

QUBE contains a clear, concise and authoritative explanation of the technologies behind electric vehicles and their applications. These fall into two categories: electric-drive vehicles, comprising battery electric vehicles (BEV) and range extended electric vehicles (E-REV or REEV); and hybrids, comprising full hybrids, mild hybrids, plug-in parallel hybrids and start-stop systems.

We explain how each technology is likely to develop, and also provide overviews of alternative fuels and opinions of their viability and how they may co-exist with electric vehicles.

Macroeconomic influences behind the electric vehicle sector

QUBE provides additional analysis to help you to broaden your understanding of the electric vehicle sector and the forces that influence its development. These include looking at the political, legislative and economic factors that influence the evolution of vehicle electric car sales.

In addition to PESTER analysis (political, economic, social, technological, environmental and regulatory) our special analysis draws on the knowledge of automotive experts, including recognised external sources, and includes topics such as well-to-wheel carbon balance, the geopolitics of lithium and the loss of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) control over core technologies.

Reliable, realistic five-year electric car market forecasts

QUBE's electric car forecasts look forward five years, allowing you to understand production levels for vehicles, components and the infrastructure that supports their introduction and use. Our estimates look at production globally as well as in Japan, North America, South Korea, Western Europe and China, and are broken down by: mild hybrid; full hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV); and range extended electric vehicle (REEV) and battery electric vehicle (BEV).

We also provide insight into the drivers behind electric vehicle supply and demand. These include battery cost projections, areas of particular geographical interest, fuel prices and production capacities.

Markets covered


Future mobility


Chassis and safety


Fuel systems and emission control

  • Engine cooling systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Fuel tanks


Exterior and materials

  • Front end modules
  • Glazing systems
  • Material trends
  • Mirrors
  • Wipers


Powertrain and transmission




Electrics and electronics

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