Autonomous vehicles

In an age of rapidly evolving technology, autonomous vehicles are a truly exciting chapter for the automotive industry. QUBE explains all the latest self-driving technologies and analyses the development of this trend as human drivers become yesterday's news.

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QUBE can help your organisation set realistic targets for moving into the autonomous vehicle market. Use QUBE to map out your journey and discover how other companies are responding to the trend. Assess current speed to market, how autonomous vehicles are evolving and the different types of autonomous control.

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QUBE is your go-to destination for autonomous vehicle research. As this technological takeover brings a whole new perspective to driving safety, discover your route into the market for the reduction of the frequency and severity of road traffic accidents.

Discover the different levels of autonomy

Driver assistance systems have made vehicles able to perceive and interpret their surroundings, identify critical situations, and assist the driver when performing manoeuvres. QUBE details all the information you need to understand the importance of driver assistance systems for the protection of the consumer and the vehicle environs.

Are you on board with the latest autonomous vehicle trends?

Owning a car is not just about getting from A to B. It’s a status symbol and reflective of a person's lifestyle and their connection to current trends. In the same way that consumers expect cars to feature all the latest mod-cons, you can now use QUBE to understand the need for heightened safety in the eyes of the consumer.

Learn from your competitors and enhance your market position

Would you leave your life or the lives of others in the hands of an autonomous vehicle? Consumer acceptance is a major barrier to marketing technology not easily understood by the public. QUBE can help you break down these barriers by giving you a taste of what other companies are doing to combat this issue.

Markets covered


Future mobility


Chassis and safety


Fuel systems and emission control

  • Engine cooling systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Fuel tanks


Exterior and materials

  • Front end modules
  • Glazing systems
  • Material trends
  • Mirrors
  • Wipers


Powertrain and transmission




Electrics and electronics

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