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QUBE delivers powerful intelligence on the automotive plugs and ignition sector, including constantly updated, independent news. It also details the latest technological developments and provides analysis and forecast data.

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QUBE, the automotive company database, delivers a full suite of information and intelligence on the plugs and ignition sector. Independent news, accurate data and dependable forecasts help you understand the sector and anticipate its future developments.

Get a clear view of the companies and the technologies at the heart of the sector, and benefit from insight, analysis and comment from those that know it best.

Identify market trends

Connected and current

Company profiles

Future connections

Manufacturer market shares and sector intelligence

Identify the market trends within the ignition systems and plugs sector with worldwide manufacturer market shares for the past five years. These include breakdowns for Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific (ignition systems) or Japan (plugs), with further breakdowns by country and by original equipment manufacturer (OEM) /aftermarket available in certain cases.

Enhance your knowledge with our overviews of the technologies that drive forward the sector, as well as the terminologies used, and comment and analysis from industry experts who work at companies at the heart of the sector.

Independent and timely news, comment and expert analysis

Stay fully up-to-date on the latest developments within the auto ignitions and plugs sector with up-to-date news from QUBE. Independent and accurate, it provides authoritative updates on a sector that is subject to a greater proportion of recalls than others.

Interviews with high-level executives from the sector's leading suppliers deliver invaluable insights into their vision for the future, together with forthcoming developments, opportunities and threats. These are balanced by detailed analysis and comment by respected, well-informed industry experts.

Know the activities, strengths and plans of key suppliers

QUBE provides in-depth profiles of the companies that supply the ignition systems and plugs sector, including their divisions, partners and brands. Gain an understanding of their performance with global, Asia-Pacific, European and North American market share data for the past five years.

For every significant company making ignition systems, spark plugs and/or glow plugs, we provide details of their history, their brands, products and applications. owned and developed technologies, manufacturing facilities, research and development (R&D) and marketing sites, partnerships and joint ventures.

Identify today's and tomorrow's connected technology trends

Powerful market trend and forecast data from QUBE helps you to anticipate coming trends and developments in the ignition systems and plugs sector. Build your understanding with high-level technology overviews, plus in-depth articles covering topics such as aftermarket trends, future technology, innovations and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) trends.

QUBE provides estimates and forecasts for market volumes of plugs and ignition coils fitted to newly-assembled passenger cars and light vehicles. Yearly data covers the current decade, with spot forecasts given for 10 and 15 years ahead.

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