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QUBE helps both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers understand the latest automotive market trends and form their own balanced auto industry outlook through QUBE's expert automotive market analysis.

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From the team behind just-auto, QUBE is the automotive company database that delivers expert automotive market information and analysis. Use our intelligence and insight to understand market trends and sector-level data, and their potential impact on your business. Our accurate data and authoritative analysis also includes key suppliers and their market shares, enabling you to identify opportunities and threats.

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Automotive market analysis from the team behind just-auto

Using information from just-auto and industry sources, QUBE provides automotive market analysis that is reliable, trustworthy and insightful. Far more than a provider of up-to-date news, QUBE adds analysis from industry experts that looks beyond the headlines and the raw figures, so you can fully understand the drivers behind the automotive market.

QUBE's news, data, analysis and forecast information together help you develop a clear understanding of the wider auto industry outlook, and the opportunties and risks for your business.

Analysis of key suppliers, including auto industry market share

QUBE incorporates comprehensive profiles of the world's most important Tier 1 automotive suppliers. With an aim to include every supplier with 5% or greater market share, each company profile is complemented by analysis and constantly updated market share information.

Each company overview includes detailed financial results, key business activities and details of their OEM customers, together with details of future plans and investment and production forecasts. A full SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) is complemented by evaluation of future prospects from our analysts.

Sector-level data based on QUBE's automotive market research

QUBE provides highly accurate forecast data across 32 component and assembly categories, helping you to build a clear auto industry outlook that is relevant to your business. Identify megatrends such as vehicle lightweighting, or look into greater detail at specific areas of opportunity.

Our component forecasts take into account the world's largest light vehicle markets - which between them cover almost 40 countries and account for 98% of global production. Detailed forecasts are available for the next 5 years, with spot forecasts provided for 10 and 15 years in the future.

Automotive market information from the team at just-auto

The news from QUBE allows you to see the very latest developments within automotive markets, including the market shares of OEMs and top Tier 1 automotive suppliers. Each story includes company, sector and theme tags so that its reach and relevance can be immediately seen and easily searched for.

Our news is constantly updated and mostly unique to QUBE, and is enhanced with opinion and analysis from expert industry insiders. A powerful search function allows stories from the 100,000-article QUBE archive to be quickly found, previewed and ordered by date or relevance.

Markets covered


Future mobility


Chassis and safety


Fuel systems and emission control

  • Engine cooling systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Fuel tanks


Exterior and materials

  • Front end modules
  • Glazing systems
  • Material trends
  • Mirrors
  • Wipers


Powertrain and transmission




Electrics and electronics

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