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QUBE from just-auto provides independent and authoritative news and analysis to the automotive value chain, informing the decision makers of the auto industry

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As the source of reliable news, data and analysis for the automotive industry, QUBE provides suppliers and manufacturers with the data and insight they need to set effective strategies and make the right decisions. From engineering teams looking for development budget approval, to sales and marketing departments looking to verify timing plans, QUBE delivers authoritative information and analysis that the automotive industry trusts.

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QUBE provides original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and companies throughout the automotive value chain with invaluable forecasts and insights that can be relied on to inform important decisions. Our data is timely, in-depth and well-informed, making it the ideal basis on which to form a robust automotive outlook that is specific to your product offering and competitive position.

Offering a combination of component forecast data, up-to-date news and insightful analysis, QUBE provides all the information you need to understand how the automotive industry is changing - and how you can adapt.

Learn more about the future of the automotive industry

QUBE makes planning ahead straightforward by helping you to predict industry developments, product introductions and technology adaption rates. Interviews with leading automotive industry executives help you understand how those guideing the future of the automotive industry think while forecasts provide detail across multiple sectors.

Our analysis of emerging technologies - and who is introducing them - helps you to understand the effects they will have on the competitive landscape, and the subsequent opportunities and threats they will create.

From supplier market shares to component forecasts

Up-to-date market shares from QUBE show how the competitive positions of suppliers have developed over the last five years, and high-level overviews provide background and insight, including geopolitical, merger/acquisition and macroeconomic news.

Additional features provide complete support - from understanding market dynamics to respond to internal information requests, to interviews with high-level executives for invaluable insight, while our Product Lifecycle Database (PLDB) reveals planned product development for the next decade.

Independent automotive industry news you can rely on

QUBE is constantly updated with independent automotive industry news covering both OEMs and suppliers. Our regular 'That Was the Week that Was' news round-up scrutinises the developments of the previous seven days, helping you to understand the headline stories, emerging themes and major changes affecting the automotive industry and its future.

The latest research on companies, segments and markets is supported by in-depth product reviews that consider product lifecycles and manufacturing innovations as well as considerations from a consumer standpoint.

Markets covered


Future mobility


Chassis and safety


Fuel systems and emission control

  • Engine cooling systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Fuel tanks


Exterior and materials

  • Front end modules
  • Glazing systems
  • Material trends
  • Mirrors
  • Wipers


Powertrain and transmission




Electrics and electronics

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