Automotive industry analysis and resources

QUBE from just-auto is committed to sharing the best automotive industry resources with auto manufacturers and the global automotive supply chain. From auto market research reports, and car industry trends and statistics, to automotive webinars, motor industry analysis, and automotive white papers.

Driving Blind: Future Model Forecasting A Benchmarking Study

The first survey into the impact of future model program forecasting on automotive planning by PLDB analyst Glenn Brooks.

The Seven Automotive Growth Areas You Must Know About

This report identifies the seven key technological growth opportunities in automotive, drawing on information from QUBE.

Jinfo Review of QUBE: An in-depth, independent review

Enterprise data specialist Jinfo gives their assessment of the QUBE automotive intelligence platform and suggested use cases.

Webinar: The Seven Key Automotive Growth Areas

In this webinar, QUBE’s Heads of Research and Development forecast the key technological opportunities in automotive.

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