GERMANY: Ford sales fall in July

By just-auto.com editorial team | 19 August 2008

Ford of Europe sales fell 6.6% year on year last month to 117,200 vehicles across what it classifies as the 'Euro 19' markets. July market share in the Euro 19 remained at 8.4% despite the fall.

Across all of its 51 markets, the company boosted sales 2% year on year to 1,196,200 vehicles in the seven months to the end of July.

European sales (27 countries) of new vehicles were down 2.5% year-to-date compared to the same period in 2007, with 9,475,111 units sold to the end of July, UK analysts Jato Dynamics reported yesterday.

Sales in Turkey, Russia and 30 'direct markets' boosted Ford's July tally to 149,800 units, the automaker said, without providing comparisons. Sales in Russia rose almost 26% to 19,100 units, and in the direct markets by 85% to 8,700 units.

Jato tallied Ford's Europe total down 4.4% year on year last month to 102,923 units and off 1.5% to 794,168 to the end of July.

"With consumers focused on holidays, July is traditionally one of the weakest months for vehicle sales, Ford said.

Britain remained the company's largest single market last month as sales here rose 4.3% to 32,200. Market share went up by almost 3% to 17.8%.

Sales in Germany rose 8.8% to more than 21,000 units and market share inched up 0.4% to 7.1%.

"Despite the economic headwinds affecting the industry, we are on track to sell more vehicles than we did last year - and 2007 was already a record year for us," said Ford Europe sales chief Ingvar Sviggum.

"At a time when consumers are more hesitant in their purchasing decisions, it is even more crucial to have convincing products," Sviggum added.

"Early reactions to our all-new Fiesta make us confident that we are adding another cornerstone to continue the upwards trend of the Ford brand - despite adverse economic conditions."

Production of the redesigned Fiesta started at the company's plant in Cologne on 14 August.

In the first seven months, Ford sold 940,600 vehicles in the Euro 19 markets with 10 posting increases.

Britain was again the company's top market year to date, with 267,700 vehicles sold for a share of 16.4%. German sales rose 6.3% to 139,500 vehicles and France was up 12.8% to 91,800.