BELGIUM: Environment ministers point to 95g/km CO2 target for 2020

By just-auto.com editorial team | 6 June 2008

The European Council of environment ministers held a policy debate yesterday on draft regulations for CO2 emissions from cars and appeared to favour the introduction of a 95g/km average target by 2020.

Most of the debate, however, focused on aspects of the draft regulation due to come into force in 2012. Many delegates would still like to see an introduction date of 2015, while there is also disagreement on the parameter to be used set targets for different types of vehicles.

In a statement the Council of Ministers said that several delegations can support the use of the mass of the vehicles as the most appropriate utility parameter, as proposed by the Commission, but others favour the use of the footprint of vehicles. Other delegations suggest using mass in a first stage and reviewing the utility parameter at a later stage.

In particular Germany and France are at odds as they seek to ensure that their domestic vehicle manufacturers are not disadvantaged by the legislation. Automobilwoche reported that there has been no movement towards an agreement between the two countries ahead of a meeting of the heads of state on Monday.

There was also a debate at the European Council meeting on the level of penalties and a questionmark over who any penalties would be paid to.

The Council has confirmed its support for the objective of 120 g CO2/km on average for new cars sold in the EU by 2012 (130 g CO2/km to be reached by improvements in vehicle technology and 10 g CO2/km by additional measures).