BELGIUM: ACEA president restates call for new legislation from 2015, not 2012

By just-auto.com editorial team | 27 February 2008

ACEA's new President, Christian Streiff, CEO of PSA Peugeot Citro├źn, took the opportunity of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association annual reception in Brussels to restate the association's demands for a 2015 introduction date for planned new legislation on CO2 emissions from passenger cars.

"The industry will be short of lead-time ahead of the new legislation and the European Commission has, therefore, principally introduced a phase-in period between 2012 and 2015. This is an important element in the CO2 proposal which needs to be further developed," said Streiff.

In a press statement ACEA said that the European Parliament has already voted twice in favour of 2015 as the most appropriate date for new legislation to enter fully into force. It said that "No less than 60% of all cars that will be on the market in 2012 are already in production or in the advanced development stage today."

ACEA is also calling for incentives for developing new technologies. "The auto industry needs and deserves a framework that promotes the development and market introduction of a broad number of innovative solutions", said Streiff. 

ACEA said that eco-innovations include applications such as energy efficient car lights, tools to personalise engine and transmission management, and systems to tailor driver assistance from board computers and navigation systems.

Streiff also commented on the penalties proposed by the European Commission for manufacturers that fail to meet fleet average CO2 limits. "Our industry is committed to reducing CO2. We call for a legislative framework with which we can comply and that safeguards the diversity of our industry as well as the affordability of cars for consumers. Fleet renewal is instrumental to any successful CO2-reduction strategy," said Streiff.