GERMANY: Over 1bn vehicles on road globally by 2010

By just-auto.com editorial team | 14 January 2008

There will soon be more than 1bn vehicles on the road globally and, despite all the talk about climate change, the number of cars and trucks in circulation (vehicle parc) is expected to grow by almost 20% in the next seven years.

Analysis by market research and consulting firm Polk Marketing Systems finds that the vehicle parc will break through the 1bn-unit mark by 2010.

The North American continent will experience the slowest growth to 2015, but even this will be 8%.

The fastest growth is in Asia where the parc will increase by 43%. 25% of all vehicles, or 280m units, will be circulating in Asia.

European growth of 15% between 2008 and 2015 will be fuelled mainly by strong growth in eastern Europe. There the parc will increase by 33%, compared to 'just' 8% in western Europe.