JAPAN: Big Toyota/Lexus recall on fuel pipes underway

By just-auto.com editorial team | 29 November 2007

Toyota has begun recalling 264,000 Lexus cars over faulty fuel pipes, including 49,000 flagship Lexus cars sold overseas, the company said.

According to AP, included in the recall are Lexus models produced in Japan in 2005 and sold overseas, and Lexus, Mark X, and Crown models sold in Japan.

Faulty fuel pipe design on the recalled models could cause cracks and corrosion and lead to a fuel leak, according to a notice filed with the Transport Ministry.

In the United States, 26,274 Lexus GS300, 5,429 Lexus IS250, and 2,640 Lexus IS350 vehicles are being recalled a spokesperson told AP.

The recalled models were exported from Japan, she said, adding that the same models were also being recalled in Canada, England, and Germany.