US: Chrysler joins CaFCP

By just-auto.com editorial team | 28 November 2007

Chrysler is the newest member of the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) -- the 34th member of the public-private partnership.

"Of the fuel sources on the table for long-term future use in transportation, hydrogen holds the greatest promise," said Mark Chernoby, Vice President -- Advance Vehicle Engineering, Chrysler LLC.

"Collaborations such as the California Fuel Cell Partnership will help engineers develop solutions for this technology at an accelerated rate."

The CaFCP is a collaboration of 34 organisations including auto manufacturers, energy providers, fuel cell technology companies and government agencies working together to promote the commercialisation of hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles.

"We are pleased to welcome Chrysler as the California Fuel Cell Partnership's ninth automotive member," said Catherine Dunwoody, CaFCP's executive director. "We're looking forward to the new perspectives and ideas Chrysler will bring to the table as we all work together to commercialise this important transportation solution."

Founded in 1999, CaFCP members have placed 188 fuel cell passenger vehicles and transit buses on California's roads. In addition, CaFCP members have built 27 hydrogen stations, with 11 more planned, forming the largest hydrogen infrastructure in the world.