UK: Honda Fit for 2m and counting

By just-auto.com editorial team | 17 July 2007

Honda Motor had sold over 2m units of its Fit /Jazz model line by the end of June 2007, the automaker said on Tuesday.

It's called the Fit in Japan, North America, South America and China and the Jazz in Europe and Asia/Oceania.

The model was launched in June 2001 and became the best seller there in 2002. It was released in Europe in December 2001 and is now available in 115 countries, manufactured at six facilities in five different countries and still sells at the rate of about 400,000 a year world-wide.

Japanese buyers have taken delivery of around 962,000 cars so far and 417,000 have been sold in Europe, with some left-hand drive markets here supplied more recently from China's first western automaker plant built specifically for exports.

Other key markets include Asia/Oceania (sales started Janaury 2002) 230,000 units; South America, with a plant in Brazil (April 2003) 151,000; China (September 2004) 173,000; and North America (April 2006) 77,000.