GERMANY: Mazda Europe sales rise 16%

By just-auto.com editorial team | 13 November 2006

Mazda Motor Europe sales rose 16% year on year last month to 23,800 units. This was the company's best October result in 15 years.

January-October sales were up 13.2% to 260,300 units.

Thirteen markets reported double-digit increases. Germany led with volume of 6,996 units, up 12.7% year on year. In Spain, two records were set: an all-time record for monthly market share, estimated at 1.1%, and an October record for volume, at 1,560 units, up by 36% versus last October. Portugal also set an all-time record for monthly market share, predicted at 1.9%, and an October record for volume, at almost 400 units, up 19%.

Two October records were set in the UK (which includes Cyprus and Malta) - for volume at 3,200 units and for predicted market share, at 1.7% - while increasing sales by 4.3%. And Russia set an October record for volume, selling over 2,800 units, which was up 21% year-on-year and that market's 46th consecutive month of double-digit growth or better.

Other markets achieving outstanding results last month were Austria (including central and south east European countries) with a volume of 1,950 units, up 33%. In France, retail sales were up 33% to 1,250 units. Mazda's Scandinavia organisation had an excellent October as well, selling 1,330 units in the region, up 19% year-on-year, with all three member countries having outstanding months. In Denmark and Norway sales rose by 19% and in Sweden sales were up by 18% year-on-year.

Other countries having excellent months included Ireland, which increased sales by 41%, Belgium (incl. Luxembourg), up 27%, the Netherlands, up 20% and Switzerland up 11% on October 2005.