US: Natural gas Honda Civic heads for New York

By just-auto.com editorial team | 20 October 2006

American Honda has started selling its natural gas-powered Civic GX in New York state market, the first time the model has been available outside of California.

New York is one of several east coast states that has adopted California's stricter emissions laws and the Civic GX is the only dedicated natural gas-powered passenger car available in the United States.

The car retails at $US24,590. Currently natural gas is approximately 30% less expensive than petrol when purchased at a refuelling station, and approximately 50% cheaper when supplied by a 'Phill', a natural gas home refuelling appliance the automaker sells.

Buyers are eligible for a Federal tax credit of $US4,000 for the gas-powered car and an additional $1,000 in tax credits for the purchase and installation of 'Phill'.

Equipped with a standard five-speed automatic transmission, the 1.8-litre, 4-cylinder engine delivers 113 horsepower and 109 ft-lbs of torque, both an increase of more than 10% compared with the previous generation.

The Civic GX is assembled in East Liberty, Ohio.