UK: Ford urges government to join environmental drive

By just-auto.com editorial team | 19 July 2006

Ford has followed up its GBP1bn (US$1.83bn) spend on developing a range of global environmental technologies by urging other bodies, including to UK Government, to follow suit.

The vehicle firm wants the government, together with the fuel industry, consumers and infrastructure providers to move in the same direction by investing in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

A Ford spokesperson told just-auto: "A much more integrated approach is needed, we are not just calling on the government to do things, but need to make sure we all move together on this."

The company is also encouraging drivers to lobby London mayor Ken Livingstone to exempt all low-carbon emission cars from congestion charges.

The spokesperson added: "The congestion charges is a minor point in all of this, as it only affects one city. But it is still significant, and we are looking at this in terms of ensuring that government legislation is not just improving technology but actively insensitising the CO2 created by the technology.

"We currently have research and development in place with the government and we welcome their pro-active approach in all of this."

The GBP1bn Ford spend is part of a broad strategy for the company's Ford of Europe and PAG business units to deliver a variety of technologies including lightweight, hybrid electric and bio-fuel vehicles.

The company has invested the money in its three British engineering centres to develop clean-car technologies over the next six years.