FRANCE: Nissan Europe sales slump in November

By just-auto.com editorial team | 9 December 2005

Nissan Europe sales slumped 19.5% year on year to 34,290 vehicles in November, as Korean rival Kia reported a rise of about the same amount.

But Nissan can take some comfort from the fact that, for the 11-month period from January to November 2005, sales were up 2% to 508,393 units, reflecting global promotional campaigns that ended around October.

Nissan France sales dropped 34.8% to 2,785 units in November but were up 1.2% to 44,727 year to date.

German sales of 3,694 units were off 33.6% last month and 50,106 units YTD were 8.4% down from last year.

In Italy, it was also two downs, 2,924 units in November (-35.3%) and 51,424 units YTD (-22.9%).

The Japanese automaker is on a roll in Russia, though. There, Nissan sold 4,600 units in November, up 70.1% on last year. In January to November 2005, sales rose to 41,536 units, up by 72%.

In the troubled Spanish market where it has a manufacturing presence, Nissan sold 5,177 units in November, down 19.7%. But YTD sales rose 5.7% to 65,385 units.

In the UK, also home to one of its car plants, Nissan sold 5,747 units, down 33.4%, in November but YTD sales inched up 0.3% to 98,713 units.

The UK-built Micra remained Nissan's top seller in Europe but YTD volume of 149,113 units was off 4.5%.