EXCLUSIVE: UK: FIA's Mosley calls for fiscal incentives for telematics

By just-auto.com editorial team | 27 September 2002

Speaking at a conference in London, “E-mobility Towards Intelligent Transport”, the FIA’s president, Max Mosley, called for fiscal incentives to stimulate the introduction of telematics equipment that can reduce traffic congestion and improve safety, writes David Leggett.

Mosley praised the auto industry for its efforts to introduce Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology but said that it was being driven by market demand. He maintained that the technology to reduce traffic congestion and improve road safety is here now but requires the right political structures to spread take-up.

“Euro NCAP and other initiatives have made cars much safer over the last 10 years but the progress of safety that could be made through ITS could be one or two orders of magnitude above that,” said Mosley.

Mosley was speaking as chairman of the ERTICO board and president of the FIA. The FIA has just launched the FIA Foundation to promote road safety, the environment, sustainable mobility and motorsport safety. It is being funded by the FIA’s $US300 million income for Formula One TV rights.