SWEDEN: Volvo Trucks Deliveries January-August 2000

By Press Release | 20 September 2000


Deliveries from Volvo Trucks between January and August 2000 totalled 51,414 trucks, distributed as follows:

1999 2000 Europe, total 26,298 27,705 +5 of which Western 24,629 25,427 +3 Europe Eastern 1,669 2,278 +36 Europe North America 23,023 16,028 -30 South America 2,356 3,006 +28 Asia 1,396 3,456 +14

8 Other markets 1,163 1,219 +5 Total 54,236 51,414 -5 *T

Deliveries from Volvo Trucks dropped by 5 percent up to end August. This reduction is a result of the situation in North America, where Volvo's deliveries shrank by 30 percent. If North America is excluded, however, deliveries increased by 13 percent.

The North American truck industry is characterized by flagging demand and excessive stocks. Volvo Trucks North America, which trimmed its production pace to suit a lower level already back in the first quarter of the year, is now being followed by other truck makers, who have notified that severe cutbacks are to be expected.

Demand in Asia continues to be strong. In South America, there is an increase in Brazil, while the other markets in the region display continued low demand.

The total Volvo Trucks order inflow up to the end of August dropped by 5 percent compared with the same period last year.