BRAZIL: Delphi Automotive Systems' CEO Meets with President Fernando Henrique Cardoso

By Press Release | 24 August 2000

J.T.Battenberg III, chairman, CEO and president of Delphi Automotive Systems (NYSE: DPH), is meeting with President Fernando Henrique Cardoso today. Battenberg is in Brazil to inaugurate the company's two new plants in the country. The meeting's agenda includes Delphi's plans and perspectives for South America and the company's commitment to the region. These two new facilities, with investments totalling US$77 million, bring Delphi's total number of manufacturing facilities in Brazil to 12, and enhance Delphi's support to the Original Equipment Manufacturers operating in the Mercosur region.

Over the past two years, Delphi Automotive Systems has invested more than US$100 million in the region. Demonstrating the company's commitment to this market, these plants feature new manufacturing technology, which allow Delphi to produce the same cutting-edge vehicle system technology in Brazil that it provides in similar operations around the world.

"South America plays a major role in Delphi's global growth", said Battenberg. "As the world's leading automotive components and systems technology supplier, Delphi will continue to expand its customer base and business in the region, further strengthening its presence in