USA: Visteon Promotes 'Pick-Up-And-Go' Portability With New Navigation System

By Press Release | 15 August 2000

Visteon Corporation (NYSE: VC) is taking portability to a new level with the launch of its new Portable NavMate (R) Navigation System. Drivers will now have the option of taking the innovative system and installing it as needed from one vehicle to the next.

In a matter of minutes, drivers are able to disconnect, reconnect and be on their way to the next destination.

Portable NavMate can operate in any vehicle and can be set up in just a couple of minutes. The system fits in a convenient carrying case that houses everything needed for ease of transfer, including the controller; charger and battery; GPS antenna and cord; 12-volt power cord; and the NavMate display unit.

The portable navigation system and its dash-mounted counterpart offer turn-by-turn navigation assistance, a color-display screen, and features turn icons, digital maps and voice directions. Pre programmed destinations and addresses can be entered using on-screen menus -- including thousands of important locations such as ATMs, gas stations, restaurants, and hotels.

Additionally, vehicle location is continuously calculated through Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology. Portable NavMate also combines gyroscope and a version of Visteon's map-matching technology to pinpoint a vehicle's location within 25 meters at all times.

The new Portable NavMate will be available in North America in October 2000 through authorized Visteon audio distributors and to the fleet market. The fleet market can achieve significant benefits with this new product, according to David Peace, vice president, Visteon Global Aftermarket Operations.

"In today's fleet market, being able to pick-up-and-go at a moment's notice is essential. That's what makes Portable NavMate ideal," Peace said. "Transportability, ease of set up and pinpoint navigation information will lighten the load on drivers."

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