USA: Ford Engages Intrinsyc to Improve Plant Networking

By Press Release | 17 August 2000

Intrinsyc Software (ICS.CDNX) has announced an engagement by Ford Motor Company, the world's second largest car and truck manufacturer, to provide networking solutions, engineering services and licensable technologies. Intrinsyc's networking solutions will reliably and efficiently connect factory floor machines to the systems that monitor Ford's production quality.

"Intrinsyc's licensable networking technology and expertise has been deployed to improve production processes and quality control at Ford, which is already one of the most technologically advanced and most competitive manufacturers in the world," said Derek Spratt, President and CEO of Intrinsyc. "Intrinsyc is proving itself at an increasing number of Fortune 500 companies who know what they want to do, but need our networking solutions expertise to get there."

The solution OPCShield, based on Intrinsyc's deviceCOM and deviceOPC technologies, is designed to improve the flexibility and dependability of industrial automation software that is built to OPC standards. It will help increase the reliability of data collected by the OPC software that monitors Ford's production quality. This new software will improve Ford's ability to monitor plant machinery, make supply chain management adjustments and improve efficiency. The new OPC applications and distributed COM communication on Ford's factory floors will be more robust, thanks in part to Intrinsyc's networking solutions.

Intrinsyc's networking solutions have been successfully deployed in several newer factories and Ford plans to extend the use of OPCShield to new and legacy OPC applications in factories around the world. Intrinsyc has been working closely with the Manufacturing Systems team at Ford to ensure that Ford has the highest confidence that the data being sent by its production quality monitoring systems is reliably received.

"Ford is a world leader in industrial automation that is continually looking to refine and hone its processes," said Zoran Galovic, Senior Technical Engineer at Intrinsyc. "We expect to provide the company with further networking and communications solutions as Ford continues to modernize legacy products and integrate new ones."

About OPCShield

Based on Intrinsyc's core deviceCOM technology, an "industrial strength" extension of DCOM, OPCShield enhances off the shelf OPC systems by improving networking reliability. OPC (OLE for Process Control) is an emerging industrial automation open standard defined to facilitate third party interoperability. There are over 200 OPC member companies and more than 500 OPC compliant software applications, such as graphical user-interface, alarm monitoring and statistical data gathering applications. This versatile technology also enables OPC based applications to run over wireless networks and the Internet and into small, embedded Internet devices.

See demonstrations of this and other innovative Intrinsyc solutions at ISA Expo 2000 (booth No. 1707) in New Orleans, LA, from August 21 to 24, 2000.

About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is the world's second largest manufacturer of cars and trucks, which are sold in more than 200 markets. There are nearly 400,000 employees all over the world and sales and revenues in 1999 were an all-time Ford record at $162 billion US.

About Intrinsyc

Recently identified as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Canada, Intrinsyc provides highly engineered products and solutions that help its clients develop smart, Internet-ready products. The company is a leader in the emerging Information Appliance and Internet Device market that specializes in the embedded computers controlling common products such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), vending machines and factory floor controllers. Intrinsyc sells its Internet-enabled technologies to leading Fortune 500 companies in growing global markets such as mobile computing, industrial automation, and point-of-sale. These customers use Intrinsyc's unique expertise to create Internet Devices or Information Appliances, link these devices to other levels of a company's business systems, and remotely manage large networks of devices.