UK: BMW to recall new Mini

By just-auto.com editorial team | 3 September 2001

All new Minis delivered are being recalled due to a design fault that could cause an explosion when the cars are being filled with fuel. New deliveries will be delayed while the modifications are taking place.

The problem arises from the generation of static electricity and the small risk that it can cause a spark when a petrol pump nozzle is inserted. The spark could in turn ignite fuel vapour in a flash fire.

The official statement issued today by the company reads:

"There will be a short delay of a few days to MINI deliveries while a small modification is made to the fuel filler neck. The same modification will be made to the 500 MINIs already delivered to customers, all of whom will be contacted by their dealers to make arrangements for the fitting.

There is a very small chance that static electricity in the neck could spark when a fuel pump nozzle is inserted and ignite the fuel vapour in the neck - a flash which is over in a fraction of a second. There have been no fires, explosions or injuries of any kind, nor were there any occurrences during the entire launch process involving several hundred cars.

MINI is acting entirely responsibly in recalling these cars to address what is a minute risk."