USA: IMPCO Powered Natural Gas Trucks Pass 4,000,000 Kilometer Mark

By Press Release | 3 October 2000

IMPCO Technologies, Inc. IMCO announced today that it plans to start full-scale OEM production of the Eclipse heavy-duty natural gas engine management system in early 2001. Since 1997, Safeway stores and BOC truck fleets in the UK have been successfully using the Eclipse low emissions technology and now with more than 4,000,000 kilometers of service the system has provided fleet operators with significant fuel cost savings combined with the inherent clean burning advantages of natural gas and LNG engines.

Dr. Lorne Gettel, Director of IMPCO's Heavy Duty Fuel Systems division, located in Seattle, Washington said, "The significance of this milestone cannot be overstated. IMPCO, in conjunction with major engine and truck OEMs, have proven not only the durability of the Eclipse system, but have shown that trucks and other traditionally diesel fueled equipment all over the world can now benefit from this technology. The results are considerable in terms of reduced engine wear; reduced exhaust pollutants and in particular reduced levels of harmful diesel exhaust particulates. CNG is currently half the price of diesel fuel oil and an average fleet truck driving 130,000 kilometers per year can save well over US$15,000 in fuel costs. An added benefit for diesel platforms is the reduction of engine noise."

This Eclipse has been designed to optimize performance and fuel economy, while at the same time minimizing exhaust emissions. It features advanced electronic control for all major engine systems, and replaces the multiple electronic control units usually found on natural gas trucks and buses, with a single electronic control unit. The Eclipse system is used with high output, lean burn, turbocharged natural gas engines. Eclipse controls air fuel ratio, ignition, turbocharger boost pressure, drive by wire, vehicle speed limiting, on-board diagnostics, knock control and misfire detection.

"The Eclipse system represents a major step forward in natural gas engine control technology, and offers improved performance over the highly successful IMPCO HD AFE systems installed on Perkins Eagle natural gas engines," Dr. Gettel added.

The Eclipse system is applicable to all types of trucks, engines and equipment where natural gas is preferred over diesel fuel. For more detailed information, please contact Kathe Briggs at +1-206-575-1594 or kbriggs@impcotechnologies.com

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