UK: Ford launches new consumer-driven UK web site

By Press Release | 13 November 2000

nd includes an advanced personalisation framework which allows tailoring of the site and its content based on each customer's interests and previous surfing behaviour.

The site also allows for 'self-segmentation' so that consumers can go directly to the information they want. The site's framework gives the consumer a consistent experience at all entry points, navigation is predictable and friendly with site content presented in a unique way.

Acknowledging that the customer relationship goes so much further than merely producing information about a single product at the time of sale, the site is designed to emphasise Ford's focus on a relationship with consumers over time as part of its global business strategy, and demonstrate this in an immediate and powerful method.

Integrated within the site, and visible at all times during the consumer experience is a link to Ford's privacy policy which explains how Ford will protect any information given by the consumer, and assuring visitors to the site of Ford's adherence to globally accepted privacy processes.

"We are delighted with the insight which consumers have given us on the look and feel of this new site and the soft images are such a contrast to the technologically advanced framework that drives them. This first stage creates the foundation for an even higher specification site and further enhancements will be complete in the next few months", says Graham Whickman, CRM Manager, Ford of Britain

The revolutionary site has been designed and developed by a team of partners including Impiric, who are Fordof Britain's online marketing and CRM agency partner in Europe, Microsoft Consulting, who have brought their latest software product and technical consulting expertise to the project, and IBM who are already key partners with Ford in the area of IT development.

Ford's partnership with Microsoft Consulting led to this project leveraging the new Microsoft's Commerce Server 2000 product, allowing Ford to drive its e-CRM activity more aggressively. The new site better reflects the needs of the consumer and a ddresses the key aspects that drive business value for Ford on the web from a creative, strategic and technological point of view.

This solution has been developed as a pan-European platform and will be rolled out across all Ford's European operations during 2001.