JAPAN: Toyota aims for 40% overall market share

By just-auto.com editorial team | 24 October 2000

Toyota Motor Corp. President Fujio Cho said Tuesday (24/10/00) that both Toyota - alongside its subsidiary Daihatsu Motor Co. - are aiming for a 40 per cent combined market share of the domestic car market in the near future, writes Kyodo News/Associated Press (24/10/00).

The target - which includes minicars and revealed at a news conference - came alongside Cho unveiling the restyled Mark II luxury sedan.

According to the article, Toyota recorded a 43.1 per cent share of the domestic market in the fiscal 2000 April-September period. Its market share however decreases to 29.5 per cent if overall sales - including minicars - are taken into account.

Daihatsu registered a 9.1 per cent market share within this period, with the Daihatsu-Toyota Group accounting for a combined market share of 38.6 per cent.

The Group provisionally attained - on a monthly basis - a share exceeding 40 per cent in the recent past, say the news agencies. In May 1999, the Group attained a 40.1 per cent market share while October 1999 saw it gain 42 per cent.

Cho says that he wants the Group to retain a 40 per cent share by pushing sales of both minicars and compact vehicles which have grown in consumer interest in recent years, says Kyodo News/Associated Press.