USA: UAW supports negotiation of new US-Japan auto trade agreement

By just-auto.com editorial team | 30 November 2000

UAW President Stephen P. Yokich has issued a statement (29/11/00) on the negotiations between the United States and Japan regarding automotive trade:

"The UAW strongly supports the negotiation of a new US-Japan auto trade agreement that will address the growing trade imbalance in this critical US industry. We have been disappointed with the lack of results from the 1995 agreement and we will not be satisfied until US-Japan auto trade is firmly on a path toward balance.

With a truly open market in Japan and sourcing decisions that are fair to the US-made products of US-based suppliers, we believe that can be achieved. But it clearly will not happen without the US government insisting that it happen. That is why the UAW has fought for the negotiation of a results-oriented agreement that sets the trade imbalance as the measure of success in effectively opening markets."

"If a new agreement that meets the UAW's concerns is not reached, the UAW will use all available avenues, including US trade laws, to create the fairness and balance in US-Japan auto trade that has been absent for nearly 20 years. With the explosion of the US trade deficit in recent years, and the growing danger it presents to US economic stability, solutions to one of our nation's most persistent trade problems must be found. America's auto workers simply cannot wait any longer."