USA: Canadian auto production rises in 2004

By just-auto.com editorial team | 20 December 2004

Vehicle production last week in the US, Canada and Mexico was expected to hit an estimated 356,422 units, down 5.9% from the 378,828 cars and trucks built last week, according to Ward's Automotive Reports.

Including last week's estimates, calendar year North American output now totals 15,994,493 vehicles, down 1.1% from like-2003's pace.

In the US, automakers were expected to produce 265,546 vehicles last week, down 7.0% from the 285,513 cars and trucks built the previous week. To date, calendar 2004 US vehicle output totals an estimated 11,827,629 units, down 1.5% compared to the 12,011,005 vehicles built in like-2003.

Last week's Canadian vehicle production was estimated at 56,813, a decrease of 3.1% from the 58,643 units assembled the previous week. Estimated calendar-2004 Canadian vehicle production now stands at 2,657,412 units, up 5.2% compared to the 2,527,044 vehicles produced in like-2003.

Of the cars and trucks slated for production last week in the US, General Motors Corp. accounted for 29.4%; Ford Motor Co., 26.7%; Chrysler of DaimlerChrysler, 12.7%; Honda of America Mfg. Inc., 6.3%; Toyota Motor Mfg. Inc., 6.6%; Nissan Motor Mfg. Corp., 7.6%; New United Motor Mfg. Inc., 2.9%; BMW of North America Inc., 1.0%; Mitsubishi Motor Mfg. of America Inc., 0.6%; AutoAlliance International Inc., 1.9%; Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc., 1.1%; Mercedes-Benz U.S. of DaimlerChrysler, 0.7%; and other manufacturers, 2.5%.