UK: Jaguar unions plan city protest and Ford management meeting

By just-auto.com editorial team | 24 November 2004

Union members at Jaguar's Browns Lane plant will vote on strike action next week after a mass demonstration planned for Coventry city centre at the weekend.

At least 1,150 workers will lose their jobs if Ford carry out their plan to end car production at Jaguar's historic Browns Lane site, and the T&G and Amicus unions fear many more jobs could be at risk.

"If Ford are allowed to get away with shutting Browns Lane we have real concerns about the future of hundreds of other jobs," said T&G general secretary Tony Woodley.

The unions said Ford and Jaguar management have "finally" agreed to meet with them in the first week of December when they will demand the company considers alternatives to mass redundancies and the end of Browns Lane production.

Jaguar reiterates no involuntary job losses from Browns Lane car assembly closure