UK: EatTheWarden.com: traffic warden chewed up and spat out in new Mazda RX-8 ad campaign

By just-auto.com editorial team | 27 October 2003

A traffic warden is sucked into a Mazda RX-8 and stripped almost naked before being spat back out again in a viral ad marking the start of the launch campaign for the new coupe sports car, reports British based marketing trade magazine Brand Republic.

The ad shows an over-eager traffic warden wandering down a street when he spots a shiny new RX8 on the other side of the road. Smacking his lips and clicking his pen ready for action he pulls out his pad and walks across the road to ticket the car. Before he has a chance to tuck his ticket under the windscreen wiper, the car - like a venus flytrap - sucks him in, taking advantage of the car's freestyle doors, and shakes him up before spitting him out with just his underpants remaining.

Brand Republic reports that the viral film was conceived and produced by Maverick Media to pre-launch the new Mazda RX-8 sports car, which will be available in the UK on October 27. The 'Venus Flytrap' film can be seen at EatTheWarden.com. The viral campaign is being handled by Digital Media Communications, which is planning, seeding and tracking the worldwide online viral and buzz marketing campaign, which launches today.

The campaign is described in the Brand Republic article as providing 30+ males with 'advertainment' film content that highlights the unique design features of the new sports car, while turning the tables on over-zealous parking wardens in a lighthearted way. The international campaign was launched in the UK and Australia today, and will be released in Europe next week. The viral film clip, 'Venus Flytrap', was directed by Seamus Masterson and produced by Maverick's Will Jeffery. Viewers can hotlink through the film's end frame to a webpage, where they can take a virtual tour through the car, try out different colour schemes, request a test drive and order brochures.