Polestar teams with Plugsurfing for EV charging

By Simon Warburton | 4 June 2020

Polestar is partnering with Plugsurfing in Europe to improve electric vehicle public charging convenience ahead of initial Polestar 2 customer deliveries, scheduled for the coming months.

The agreement signals another step into operational mode for Polestar.

With more than 195,000 compatible EV charging points in the region, Plugsurfing provides a solution to accessing and paying for electricity from a variety of public charging service providers.

"This international European partnership with Plugsurfing is the first of these solutions and it paves the way for more partnerships which will also include national and local solutions," said Polestar CEO, Thomas Ingenlath.

A benefit of the Plugsurfing partnership is the flexibility to charge easily, especially when travelling abroad. Foreign bank accounts and the need for local mobile phone numbers can often hinder the ability to charge in other countries – Plugsurfing removes this requirement.

The Plugsurfing RFID tag, which will be supplied as standard with every new Polestar 2 in Europe, allows owners to reduce the number of apps, accounts and authentication processes required to charge their cars from the thousands of different charging service providers in the region.

Customers will register an account with Plugsurfing and benefit from one payment and authentication solution rather than requiring unique apps and accounts for a multitude of charging service providers.

The Google Maps integrated into Polestar 2 is optimised for electric vehicle owners, who will be advised on receiving their Polestar 2 regarding charging infrastructure and how to use the Plugsurfing solution specifically.