Fujitsu and Upstream partner on cybersecurity

By Dave Leggett | 16 January 2020

Fujitsu Limited and Upstream Security Ltd. have announced a partnership for vehicle cybersecurity. The companies will collaborate in the development of security operations solutions for connected vehicles.

The two noted that international and domestic committees have already started discussing regulation and standardisation of cybersecurity for connected vehicles. They say car manufacturers and fleet operators need to address and protect against vehicle data loss and unlawful vehicle application control while developing solutions for security operations.

Upstream C4 is a cloud-based automotive cybersecurity solution that leverages AutoThreat Intelligence, claimed as 'the industry's first automotive threat feed'. Driven by data, the solution protects connected vehicles and smart mobility services against cybersecurity threats.

By integrating such a solution with Fujitsu's ICT-SOC (ICT- Security Operation Center) solution and big data processing technology, the two companies say they will develop a comprehensive connected vehicle security solution that can detect the threats not only in vehicle side but also in the centre side. The solution will be gradually rolled out during 2020 for car manufacturers and other mobility companies in Japan, North America, and Europe.

"Fujitsu will strengthen partnership with Upstream to realize safety and security for the mobility business," said Junichi Azuma, Corporate Executive Officer, and EVP, Head of Private Enterprise Business in the Technology Solutions Business at Fujitsu Limited. "Fujitsu has positioned cybersecurity as one of the focus areas which bolster our customer's digital transformation. Together with Upstream, we will contribute to the realisation of a trusted mobility society in which everyone can rest assured by leveraging our security technologies and experience in the ICT field."

"The partnership with Fujitsu is strategic for Upstream to increase our footprint in the Japanese market," said Yoav Levy, CEO and Co-Founder of Upstream Security. "Our mission is to protect every connected vehicle on the planet by detecting security incidents and remediate them before they become a real threat to the safety and security of drivers and passengers alike."