Hyundai Mobis develops autonomous rear emergency braking system

By just-auto.com editorial team | 15 November 2019

Hyundai Mobis has announced it has developed a rear-autonomous emergency braking system (R-AEB) which prevents collisions when vehicles are reversing.

Hyundai Mobis revealed its (R-AEB) technology uses ultra short-rangeradar (USRR), a first in the automotive industry, rather than a combination of camera and ultrasonic sensors used in existing systems.

The company added that "unlike the ultrasonic senor-based parking assist system, USRR-based system is not affected by wind and is more price competitive".

Hyundai Mobis said it is working with local carmakers, namely Hyundai and Kia, to introduce the R-AEB technology in upcoming vehicles.

In a separate release, Hyundai Mobis in September unveiled a new safety brake system which it has optimized for Level 4 and above autonomous vehicles.

The company said the system also works as a "redundancy brake system", whereby the emergency brake system is activated autonomously even if the normal brakes do not work because of failure of electrical/electronic devices or due to an external shock.