BYD cumulative global electric bus sales surpass 50,000 units

By just-auto.com editorial team | 18 October 2019

China's leading electric vehicle manufacturer, BYD Auto, this week gave workers an update of its global electric bus sales achieved to date.

A company source told local reporters it had sold 50,000 battery powered buses worldwide so far, with a hugely diversified global client base which includes bus operators in the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America.

BYD Auto, based in Xi'an in China's north-western Shaanxi province, is by far the leading global supplier of electric buses.

The company claims to have a 20% share of the European electric bus market with its vehicles operating in 90 cities.

In the Asia-Pacific region, its electric buses operate in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and in India where close to half the electric buses in operation were supplied by BYD.

BYD also makes a wide range of light passenger vehicles, including electric, hybrid and conventional combustion engine models.

The company has been struggling in its home market in recent months, however, with demand for new energy vehicles having dropped sharply in China after the government reduced financial incentives at the end of June.

In the first nine months of the year, BYD's global sales were down by 4.5% at 351,571 units, having posting strong gains in the first half of the year.