Nexen Tire officially opens Czech plant

By Simon Warburton | 29 August 2019

Nexen Tire has officially opened its Europe Plant in Zatec, Czech Republic.

"The opening of the Europe plant will see an increase in Nexen Tire's efficiency in addition to a faster response to neighbouring automakers," said Nexen Tire CEO, Travis Kang.

"Recognising the importance of being closer to our customers, we have established a production base to respond to their needs in a more prompt and flexible way.

"As Korea's leading manufacturer with a 77-year history of knowledge and technology in the tyre industry, we plan to increase global production capacity, going beyond the challenges and making big steps in the industry."

The Nexen Tire Europe Plant started operations in April this year.

Nexen Tire, established in 1942, is headquartered in South Korea and works with more than 500 dealers based in 137 countries.

The supplier has several manufacturing plants; two in Korea (Yangsan and Changnyeong) and one in Qingdao, China, as well as Zatec.