BMW builds the 10 millionth Mini

By Graeme Roberts | 9 August 2019

Plant Oxford staff with the milestone Mini - 10m overall, 4.7m from BMW

Plant Oxford staff with the milestone Mini - 10m overall, 4.7m from BMW

BMW's Mini said it had built the 10 millionth unit since BMC built the first in 1959.

The landmark car – a 60 Years Anniversary Edition – was built on 24 July at Plant Oxford.

The brand has hunted down 60 owners of 60 cars, one from each year of production, and shared their stories across digital channels throughout the year.

All the cars were brought together at Oxford today (9 August) for a special birthday gathering before heading to the International Mini Meeting in Bristol, an annual festival for Mini fans globally. The cars will be led by 621 AOK – the first Mini built - with the 10 millionth unit bringing up the rear.

The original Alec Issigonis designed 'classic' Mini was produced at the since demolished Morris plant in Oxford until 1968 before moving to Longbridge, near Birmingham, where it continued to be built until October 2000. Between 1959 and 2000 over 5.3m classic Minis were built. BMW has accounted for the other 4.7m. Plant Oxford is the Cowley site's former Pressed Steel body factory.

Since the brand's rebirth in 2001 under BMW ownership, sales around the world have gone from strength to strength. Last year nearly 400,000 Minis were sold in 110 countries across the globe.

Three UK plants have a part to play in Minis production today – Hams Hall near Birmingham makes engines, Swindon produces the body pressings and sub-assemblies for Mini, and this all comes together at the Oxford manufacturing plant with body shell production, paint and final assembly.

Daily output at Oxford has grown from around 300 cars a day in 2001 to around 1,000 today. The 4,500 strong workforce at Oxford produce one new Mini every 67 seconds.

Since 2000, over GBP2bn has been spent by BMW Group in its UK manufacturing sites and at Oxford this has included an extension to the plant's body shop and new facilities in the paint shop and final assembly areas. In November 2019 the Mini Electric will go into production.

Models built at Oxford today are the three and five door hatchback and Clubman estate. Around 80% of Minis built in Oxford are exported. The Convertible and Countryman models are built under contract by Nedcar in The Netherlands.