Former GM exec becomes co-CEO of Seres

By Dave Leggett | 23 July 2019

Former General Motors senior executive James Taylor has taken the role as co-CEO of China's electric vehicle (EV) start-up Seres (formerly 'SF Motors').

In the US, the Silicon Valley team still leads the company's research and development (R&D) despite the elimination of 17 positions, and the team is currently working on next-generation battery technology and a new car model, said Taylor.

As early as 2016 when Seres set up office in the United States, it decided to develop core technologies of EVs based on the technology highlands of Silicon Valley, said Taylor.

After three years of cultivation, the American company of Seres has formed a globalised development layout in four countries with Silicon Valley as the core and independently completed R&D of electric-drive core technologies such as the motor, electric control and batteries, noted Taylor.

More than 1,000 technological achievements of the company are applying for or have received technical patents in China or in the US, according to him.

Taylor also disclosed he will meet with other US automobile makers to discuss feasibility of cooperation in the field of automobile electrification.

Responding to the previous media reports that the company has laid off 90 employees at its Silicon Valley office, Taylor said that only 47 jobs were cut across the US, and it was the necessary adjustment according to the company's new business plan and evolving market conditions.

He added: "Seres has decided to delay the launch of the production version of the SF5 crossover in the US as uncertainties of the US auto market remain, and the company will focus on the launch of the product in China."

Formerly known as SF Motors, Seres is the EV unit of China's Chongqing Sokon Industry Group (Sokon).