Ghosn detained for 10 days

By Graeme Roberts | 5 April 2019

Ghosn is back in jail for at least another 10 days though is lawyer is appealing

Ghosn is back in jail for at least another 10 days though is lawyer is appealing

Prosecutors have convinced a Tokyo court to detain former Nissan and Renault chief Carlos Ghosn for 10 days for further questioning though his lawyer said he would appeal.

Earlier, in a TV interview before his re-arrest, Ghosn indicated he did not expect a fair trial.

Prosecutors are now cleared to detain Ghosn until 14 April, Reuters reported.

His lawyer, Junichiro Hironaka, told Reuters the defence would file an appeal against the detention.

Prosecutors re-arrested Ghosn on suspicion he had tried to enrich himself with US$5m at Nissan's expense.

In a statement released on Thursday, Ghosn has said he was innocent of the "groundless charges and accusations" against him and called the latest arrest an attempt to silence him after he went on Twitter to announce a press conference for the same day which did not occur due to his re-arrest.

Reuters noted that. under Japanese law, prosecutors can seek an extension of another 10 days of detention before they must either bring formal charges against the suspect or release him.

In the interview recorded before his latest detainment, Ghosn had told broadcasters TF1 and LCI if his trial was fair, he was "not worried".

The interview was aired in full on Thursday evening, Japan Today reported.

He added: "I have doubts about how this trial is going to play out - these doubts aren't mine, they're those of my lawyers."

He also predicted his latest arrest in the interview filmed hours before prosecutors descended on his Tokyo apartment at 6am Thursday. Ghosn said he faced "very probable arrest" but said he didn't know what the charges would be.

Ghosn denied ever being "above the law" though acknowledged "pushing things to the limit" to improve Nissan and Renault. 

"A lot of lies have been told and these lies have come one after another," he said.

Prosecutors had said he had been detained over transfers of Nissan funds totalling $15m between late 2015 and the middle of 2018. They suspect Ghosn used $5m of that for personal expenditure.

Asked if he would provide evidence in his trial that could clear his name, Ghosn said: "Everything needs to be put on the table. Of course, I have names."

"Some of them you have seen in the press, but there are others that haven't been in the press," he added. "It has to be shown why these people are playing a dangerous game, not just for me, but dangerous for the alliance as well."