Foresight’s QuadSight prototype evaluated by European OEM

By Simon Warburton | 3 December 2018

Foresight Autonomous Holdings has delivered and installed its first QuadSight prototype system for evaluation by an unnamed European manufacturer of commercial vehicles.

QuadSight was successfully installed on the manufacturer's truck and passed all initial performance testing. The customer will continue independent evaluation of the system's performance.

The QuadSight quad-camera vision solution targets semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles and is designed to allow near-100% obstacle detection with near zero false alerts, under any weather or lighting conditions, maintains the company.

By collaborating closely with the vehicle manufacturer at the prototype evaluation stage, Foresight collects feedback to develop a commercial product fitting the customer's requirements.

"This successful installation marks an important milestone in Foresight's roadmap," said Foresight CEO, Haim Siboni. "We believe in-vehicle evaluations of the QuadSight vision system will clearly demonstrate its advantage over competing systems by its ability to detect any obstacles under harsh weather and diverse lighting conditions."

Using a four-camera vision system based on stereoscopic technology, QuadSight addresses the real-world need for autonomous driving in all-weather and all-lighting conditions and is designed to provide obstacle detection accuracy for semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicle safety.