Hella to research on communication for automated driving

By Simon Warburton | 13 December 2017

Hella and project partners are to research how communication between automated and non-automated road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicle drivers could look like in a three-year project.

Within the context of a European Union-funded research initiative, InterACT, the focus will initially be on passenger cars in an urban environment.

"Today's lighting systems inside and outside the vehicle are by far not enough for replacing eye contact, gestures and language," said Hella VP Development Lighting and Innovation, Michael Kleinkes.

"In the context of this project, we [will] therefore research and develop a system, which can reliable accomplish that.

Researchers will define first which situations require communication, followed by methods for achieving this, whether by using projections, symbols or colours. "Communication must after all not only work at night, but also during the day," added Kleinkes.

"Furthermore, it should be clear and intuitive and work internationally." Hella will then create a prototype and integrate the lighting modules inside a vehicle.

The focus throughout will be on technologies for trends such as autonomous driving, connectivity, digitalisation, efficiency and electrification as well as individualisation.