Turkish suppliers laud Russia as relations warm

By Simon Warburton | 24 November 2017

More cordial relations between Turkey and Russia represent supplier opportunities

More cordial relations between Turkey and Russia represent supplier opportunities

Turkish automotive supplier body, TAYSAD says it has always enjoyed cordial relations with Russia as the two countries show more signs of rapprochement following a chillier period a few years ago.

"We never had a problem in the automotive industry," TAYSAD executive officer, Suheyl Baybali told just-auto on the sidelines of the recent CEE Eastern European Automotive Forum organised by Adam Smith Conferences in Prague. "We will be more there. We have a lot of TAYSAD members present in Russia."

As one of the oldest supplier associations in Europe established in 1978, TAYSAD's more than 400 members represent 65% of the automotive supplier industry and 70% of its exports.

Those members employ more than 200,000 people with 80% operating in the Marmara region,12% in the Aegean region and 8% in other areas of Turkey. Taysad is also a member of CLEPA.

"We are looking to be number ten in the next few years in automotive production worldwide – we were number 14 last year," added Baybali. "If you look at the supplier industry exports, because of the exchange rate you can see since the last seven years there is a big development.

"This is not by chance. This is by training engineers and quality. We are not only in Turkey. More than 60 members invested in more than 70 countries and there are 150 premises worldwide.

"We issue position papers [and have] various supplier days. Corporate Social Responsibility Europe has signed an agreement to continue studies in Turkey. What we are telling all suppliers and OEMs [there are] more than 250 global suppliers working with Turkey."

The Turkish supplier association executive officer noted average GDP growth in the country had been 5.5% during the past decade and is forecast to be twice the Eurozone average in the next few years.

Two years ago, Turkey sent a sizeable delegation to the Russian Automotive Forum in Moscow, with the current clear warming in relations acting as a springboard for further component activity between the two countries.