NVIDIA records Q3 net income up 55% to US$838m

By Simon Warburton | 14 November 2017

NVIDIA has posted third-quarter net income up 55% year on year to EUR838m, along with record revenue of US$2.64bn, a rise of 32%.

"We had a great quarter across all of our growth drivers," said NVIDIA founder and CEO, Jensen Huang. "Industries across the world are accelerating their adoption of AI.

"Our Volta GPU has been embraced by every major internet and cloud service provider and computer maker. Our new TensorRT inference acceleration platform opens us to growth in hyperscale datacentres.

"GeForce and Nintendo Switch are tapped into the strongest growth dynamics of gaming. And our new DRIVE PX Pegasus for robotaxis has been adopted by companies around the world. We are well positioned for continued growth."

During the first nine months of fiscal 2018, NVIDIA returned to shareholders US$909m in share repurchases and US$250m in cash dividends.

As a result, the company returned an aggregate of US$1.16bn to shareholders in the first nine months of the fiscal year.

The company intends to return US$1.25bn to shareholders in fiscal 2018.