Hyundai Mobis develops sunroof airbag

By Dave Leggett | 19 October 2017

Media reports in South Korea suggest the innovation is designed largely for panoramic sunroofs in SUVs. It is also claimed as a world first for the system that addresses the risk of passengers getting ejected through the roof during accidents.

"Hyundai Mobis was able to secure the technology necessary for mass production after completing reliability tests," the statement said, "including a field test, heat resistance test and vibration resistance test.

"According to data from the United States' National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 260 people were ejected through sunroofs from 2002 to 2015 in rollover crashes," Hyundai Mobis said. "A passenger can sustain serious damage to certain body parts like the head and neck when ejected out of a car without safeguards like airbags in place."

Hyundai Mobis is working on series production for the complex roof airbag system, which is expected to be available within two years. 

A number of other suppliers, including ZF, have also been working on airbags - such as centre roof airbags - to address rollover injuries to the head and neck.


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